Saturday, September 22, 2012

Well, we finally made it out to our first Wildcat game this Fall season!  This may sound crazy to some, but there is nothing like the smell of the crisp night air with the lingering aroma of grass and pigskin.  It's just hard to explain the way a good hit can ignite a memory from within.  A memory nonetheless of a little girl who spent countless hours watching football with her daddy and brother, examining every conversation exchanged between the two, and longing to understand that mysterious bond and excitement that they shared over a game where men hit the tar out of each other for fun.  Now looking back I realize it wasn't just about a game, or a good hit.  It wasn't about winning or losing.  You see, I have watched my little boy examine his daddy lately in much of the same way.  I have come to realize that this game is much more.  It's the way a daddy holds up his children to see the hail mary in the 4th quarter, the way he explains every single detail of the game in it's entirety with joy a thousand times before his children begin to grasp what he is saying, and the peanuts that never quite seem to be enough.  It's all the hours he spent playing as a boy with his father, and all the hours spent playing with his "now" son.  It's about experiencing a team like they are your family and knowing that in any given instance you would do anything for anyone of them that step on that field. It's much much more.  There is just something about it.  Now I watch as Campbell mimics much of the  same behavior as my brother once did with our daddy.  It is really quite special.  Don't get me wrong, I watch Cameron do the same, but not in the same way.....because for us, it's always been about the half time show!!!!!  :~))  Right mom?  Go WILDCATS! 
Campbell and Cameron with their Captain McKenzie! -(Girlfriend/Hero)
I love the way Cami is looking at Kenzie in this picture!  Thank you Miss. McKenzie for being such a stand up young lady!  I remember looking at a certain young lady by the name of Candy Stipes much the same way my Cami is looking at you now...and that is a totally different kind of special!  Both are equally important, and both so incredibly special.  I love my kids, and I love this life spent cherishing every moment with the two of them.  I am so very blessed beyond measure! 


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