Monday, August 31, 2009

Long Time No Blog!

It has been quite some time since I have had a spare moment to update the ol' blog, but I have actually accomplished quite a bit today and thought I would take this moment and catch everyone up on the happenings of the Smith household. -(Not to mention... both kids are down for a nap... at the same time... pigs must be flying somewhere and I'm not talking about the swine flu!)

I will start with Campbell:
Campbell has recently started back at pre-school! This year is exciting and a little sad for momma. This will be my last year of half days because next year my big boy goes to kindergarten! Time really flies and I can't believe how fast he is growing. Campbell has also started soccer! This has been so much fun for the whole family. Campbell started practice a few weeks ago and his first game is approaching rather rapidly. (-At this point, the statement above seems like it may be a little scary.) Campbell spent most of his first practice climbing the goal posts. At one point, I looked over and he was swinging upside down trying to entice one of his other teammates to do the same. I have a suspicious feeling his father may have done the same when he was a wee lad. Any way, he is having a lot of fun playing and seems to be getting the hang of things with each passing practice. Other than school and soccer, Campbell has recently informed his father and I that he will be playing Tee-ball this spring as well! So exciting! He loves his little sister! It has been his joy recently helping me take care of her. -(Of course only in between playing the Wii Cars game and running around the house saving the world from bad guys. He is such a sweet child, and I could not ask for a more loving and caring son. It is my prayer that God continue to radiate His joy from the heart of my child for all of his days.

Now on to Cameron:
Cami is a big girl now! No longer a puny 7lbs and 12oz. She is now 11lbs at 2 months old. She is sleeping through the night consistently from 9pm to 7am! I am no longer a zombie stumbling through my days from one cup of coffee to an afternoon cup of tea. She is so much fun! She has this light in her eyes that could melt anyone's heart and her smile leaves everyone speechless. We have been playing this game lately and I kid you not when I tell you she is a baby genius! The game consists of me making a noise at her, for instance an eww or an ohhh. Then she mimics the sound she hears. She loves this game and is already so smart! She is laughing and cooing almost all day. The only time she pipes up is in the evening, usually from 5pm to 8pm. -(She has acid reflux and it really seems to wear her down around this time.) Other than being in the business of stealing hearts, Cameron loves spending time with her momma. Right now, I hold the keys to Cami's heart and I don't mind it one bit. :)

Nate and I:
Nate is doing great! He has really been a source of spiritual strength for our family lately, and I admire his consistency. Nate has recently begun seminary. This is an exciting step for him as he embarks on the wonderful plans our Jesus has for him and our family. We continue to be highly involved with the youth at our church, and we look forward to what God has in store for all of our kiddo's this year!
I have been quite busy lately! In between new baby, soccer practices, play dates, the youth, trips, birthday parties, bible studies, talent shows, church, and the regular hoopla and organza of activities our every day life brings about, I haven't had much spare time lately. Recently I mentioned to my beloved husband that I wanted to be in the talent show at our church. -(Our church just recently held an auction on baked goods for our Children's Ministry to raise money, during which members could participate in a talent show.) Any way, I mention to Nate in passing, "Cool! I want to be in the talent show!" I am not kidding when I tell you that that goober signed me up to sing a song with him in the talent show without a whole lot of heads up! The talent show was last night, and we sang a song that Nate wrote for us to sing together. Other than being horrified at the idea of singing for the first time ever in front of the entire Shannon Oaks congregation, I really had a great time. -(Thanks Nate for making me step out of my comfort zone, and being my strength when I have none. I love you!)

I feel like I have barely provided a glimpse into our world for the moment, but sister is awake and exercising her lungs to their best ability, so I better quit writing so that I may aide the princess. Else it will be, "off with my head!" I seriously think sometimes that she has this sixth sense that allows her to know when I sit down, get comfortable, and am able to relax. Hmmm... a theory perhaps to be investigated sometime.

Us Smith's