Wednesday, September 19, 2012

...and We're Back!

After much deliberation on whether or not I should get back in the swing of things and start blogging, I have decided to get back in the saddle -(after nearly three years)!  Wow, how time flies!  I realized that since Nate has started law school, I haven't had near the opportunity to share with our precious friends and family everything that the Lord is doing in our lives!  Here is a quick little update: Nate is finishing up his final year at Texas Wesleyan.  It has been a grueling couple of years, but we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the darkened narrow tunnel that refers to itself as "Law School"!  Nate was fortunate enough this year to be voted President of The Christian Legal Society, and I have really enjoyed watching him serve in this way.  He continues to lead worship at our church, New Beginnings Fellowship Baptist Church, and currently is serving in our youth program as well.  Campbell has begun his second grade year at Lamar Elementary.  He is doing great and loving every minute with new friends, as well as his old buddies from Austin.  He is currently in Cub Scouts, and AWANA's. He has decided to play basketball in January, baseball in the Spring -(because of asthma...broke his little heart that he couldn't play this Fall), and we are still debating karate!  -(Mom is debating)  He is still the same sweet hearted kiddo he has always been and I am savoring every moment of it, seeing as how that preteen attitude rears it's ugly head sometimes when chores or green beans make their debut into Campbell's world.  Cameron has started her first year of preschool at Kid Central this year and is loving it!  She has grown so much, and is really interested in all things, pink, feathery, and glowing with sparkles.  She is currently enjoying AWANA's too, gymnastics two hours a week, and dance for one hour a week.  We most recently have been proud that she was asked to join an invitational only gymnastics class, and we wait in expectation as she continues to excel.  Both children are their father's and my joy!  Our love for them both never ceases to amaze us, growing stronger by the minute.  As for this stay at home mommy; I am enjoying ministry at our church where I am working with the youth and children.  I got the opportunity to go to our children's camp as a counselor this summer, and work along side some of the most amazing adults, youth, and children in serving our Lord.  What an awesome experience!  I have, even more recently, gotten the opportunity to lead a women's worship conference, which I have never done before.  Although a bit nervous, I know that our Lord has great plans, and He will never leave me nor forsake me.  -(Though the crowd of women may)!  So, with that said, prayers are appreciated and I will keep ya posted.  :~))  As for the rest of me, I stay wrapped up in the affairs of my husband and children.  I am still blessed to be able to do so, and I absolutely enjoy every moment of it!  I hope this post finds each of you doing well!  Be blessed beloved friends and family as you all walk in the Light of His Word!  All of our love, Nate, Cara, Campbell, and Cameron! 

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