Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Peanut Update

Quick update on our lil' Peanut.  Doctor says he/she is measuring perfectly and roughly about the size of a grape.  If you look close you can see little arms and legs that have begun to form.  (The baby is upside down in the picture.)  The two lobes have formed and the four chambers of the heart have developed as well and will continue to get stronger as the baby grows.  The bright white spot is the babies heart and the line that follows the curvature of the babies back is the spinal cord.  The baby has eye sockets and no more tail.  As you can see things are moving along and we are quite excited as we wait in expectation to see the child God is knitting together. We are still due on July the 3rd, and baby seems to be happy and active.  Campbell and Nate enjoyed the sonogram and it was so fun to see Campbell get so excited about his little sibling.  We can't wait to meet our lil' rambunctious Rambo baby... (we call him/her Rambo because the doctor was amazed at how much the baby was moving.)  As for momma... I am super excited, but still experiencing the wrath of first trimester sickness.  It has actually calmed down a little, but I can't wait for better days ahead. 

~The Smith Family