Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Campbell's Ticket to "The Ryan Express"

"The Ryan Express"...The Ball Park In Arlington
September 25, 2012
Yesterday, Campbell and I had the great honor of meeting Mr. Nolan Ryan.  I can't put in to words the rush of emotion we both felt as we stood there in the presence of "The Ryan Express".  I remember everything about the man.  I remember watching games on television, at the stadium, and even listening on the radio to every moment that this man picked up a baseball.  He was a childhood hero, and now a legend.  Even now as a grown woman I am still enthralled with the great player!  I know that he had a career strikeout record of 5,714 and pitched 7 no-hitters during the duration of his career.  I know that of the 27 years he played ball that 1989-1993 was perhaps the most significant for me -- seeing as how he left the Houston Astros in '89 to come play for the good ol' Texas Rangers and then retired in '93 in Arlington as a Ranger.  I remember the day he was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999.  I know that he threw pitches that were regularly clocked over 100 mph, and that he could throw a curve ball like no other.  The speed and control with which Ryan could hurl a ball was absolutely exhilarating and exceptional to say the least.  I remember the day he beat the snot out of Robin Ventura.  I remember loving every minute of it! The way my daddy felt about Mickey Mantle is the way I felt about Nolan Ryan.  Everything about him made me want to play ball.  Not just play ball, but be the best.  Above you will see my son, Campbell standing with the "Colossus of Clout," "The Great #34," "The Ryan Express," and now the president of baseball operations of The Texas Rangers"!  We were on our way to sit in our seats when we happened to catch him coming down from the press box before the game.  It was a date with destiny like no other.  We had been waiting for Josh Hamilton to show up so that we could try and grab his autograph.  After much waiting, and a lot of disappointment from Campbell's end, we were left with "maybe next time".  We had absolutely no idea that we were about to happen upon one of the greatest players of all time.  Campbell is a little young to understand how special this picture is now, but one day he will look back and realize that he had the honor of standing in the presence of perhaps the greatest baseball player of all time!  He will have the pleasure of showing his children the picture, though I hope they can get past their father's CRAZY hat-headed locks.  :~)) -(This momma made her boy remove his hat as a gesture of honor and respect to having his picture made with The Ryan Express).  We enjoy sharing moments like these with you all, and hope you find them equally as enjoyable.  Be blessed!  ~The Smith's         

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