Friday, April 24, 2009

And Finally Easter:

This Easter was an incredibly special event. Nate, Campbell, and I had the honor of hosting our very first Seder Dinner and had a wonderful resurrection egg hunt. We were visited by none other than "Mr. Easter Bunny" himself, who left colorful eggs hidden all over the house, and had the most wonderful church service with family and friends. Although Easter is always a special event in the Smith home, this year was especially exciting considering how pumped Campbell was that Jesus Has Risen! He Has Risen Indeed!

Campbell decorating the eggs that we colored together.

Campbell after church on Easter Sunday. He is such a little poser... though I must say he comes by this naturally.

The resurrection egg hunt tells the story of Jesus. In each egg that Campbell hunted, there were bible verses along with tangible items such as the cross you see in this particular picture, to illustrate the story of Jesus in a kid friendly manner. He loved it! Each egg was numbered one through thirteen and after the hunt was complete Nate and I had the privilege of opening each egg along with Campbell and reading the story of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection as we explained the items he found in each egg. This was so special!

The morning "Mr. Easter Bunny" showed up! He brought some pretty neat things, but by the time I grabbed my camera, Campbell had everything scattered out all over the house.

Liam, Campbell, and Carter at the preschool Easter egg hunt. They had a great time together.

Here Campbell is showing off his discovered treasures.

The Smith family had an incredible Easter! From our family to yours, we hope this time of celebration of our risen Savior was just as awesome for you!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Never Had A Boy Break My Heart Like This!

I can honestly say, after today, that I have never had a boy break my heart the way my son did today when his heart broke as a result of an escaping mouse balloon. Earlier in the week Campbell went to ChuckECheese with a close coworker of Nate's and her grandsons. It was a big trip! He has never done anything like that before without boring ol' mom tagging along. During this trip, he won enough tickets playing games to get this silly mouse balloon. He was so proud. I wish you all could of seen the look on his face as he told his father about how the balloon came about. Just precious. Today, we brought lunch to Nate at the office, which we occasionally do if he seems to be having trouble breaking away. After our short visit, we arrived at the house where I flung open the door and the dumb balloon flew off before I could grab it. Campbell didn't say anything, but after a few short seconds his big baby blues began to swell with tears as he softly said, "My favorite balloon." He just starred at the balloon in a longing sort of manner. My heart broke! I found myself completely broken and helpless. I couldn't stand the sight of my precious little boy crying because of something that I had done! It was an awful feeling and I couldn't help but grab him, pull him close, and cry too. It was a rough afternoon to say the least. As a result of my careless mistake, I rushed inside and made Campbell and I some milk and cookies, which seemed to ease both of our minds. -(Praise God for oatmeal creme pies and 1%!) I have been asked the question, have you ever had your heart broken, and never in a million years did I think my response to the question would be, "Yes! My little boy utterly broke my heart when he lost his mouse balloon."