Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Happy Halloween to all! Campbell decided... after much pondering over Spiderman, Batman, Darth Vador, and Optimus Prime... that he just couldn't resist being Optimus Prime... again! For those of you that are near and dear to our family and know our family well, you could already pretty much gather that Optimus Prime was going to be the inevitable costume of choice for our little man. Campbell is a huge Transformers fan, just as his father and uncle were when they were wee lads. As you can see from the picture, Nate dressed up with the kiddos this year as well. -(They absolutely loved dad's costume!)

Dad chose to be a nerd... not to far off from his everyday attire. :) -(Just kidding baby... well sort of.) Cameron was a Pumpkin Princess, and she was absolutely adorable. She wore a black tutu with black tights and the cutest little black crocheted hat along with her orange pumpkin face shirt and orange flower bow. She is still so young so we just kept it simple. -(she only wore her tutu for pics.) She seemed to of had a great time being girly. I know I sure had fun making her costume. :) I was a LNFM this year. -(Lame No Fun Mom.) I didn't dress up, but you try feeding a four month old in a Halloween costume and let me know how that works out for you. :)

Any way, we had a great time this year at the church Fall Festival, and we even took Campbell's best bud Liam and Liam's little brother Brady. The kids were great and had a blast. I hope to always be blessed with such treasured memories as these. You can see the kiddos costumes a little better in the picture above. :)

Here is my stud of a son flexing his big bad Optimus Prime muscles. Quite a sight... all you Decepticons out there better watch out. Having a little boy is so much fun! They are too cute and so funny!

Of course you know that you can't be Optimus Prime without a blue Mohawk and a pair of Cars sun glasses! Everyone knows that Optimus loves to chill in his blue Mohawk along with his very own Cars sun glasses when he is taking a break from saving the world! This is how Campbell chose to wear his hair to school for crazy hair day. It was red ribbon weak at his school during the weak of Halloween. We had so much fun! Any way, we hope you all had a wonderful time however you chose to celebrate!

~Love The Smith Crew