Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Baby Boy is Four!!!

Recently, Nate and I had the privilege of celebrating four years of sheer joy, blessing, and happiness with our big boy Campbell Vance Smith.  Campbell turned 4 on January the 27th.  We partied hard... Transformers Style of course.  We had a great time with a few friends from school along with cousins and family.  Campbell was absolutely in heaven.  We decided to have Campbell's party this year at the house, so we set up a few stations inside and outside for the kiddo's to play at and they had a blast!  The stations out back included, the swing set and slide, a s'mores station, a tent, the sandbox with Tonka toys, and a few other outside sports like soccer and hockey.  The stations inside included, Sponge Bob hoops, bowling, air hockey, a music station, a puzzle station, a Transformers action figures station, a Transformers cartoon playing on the big screen, and then we ended with an activity that the kids did together.  -(The Pinata!)  
Below are a few fun pics at the party!
Campbell telling Uncle Nick how to do the Transformers Puzzle.
Blowing out "The Big Four" candle!
Testing the icing to make sure it meets "Campbell's standards!"
Driving a car on his cake... yuck!!!
Taking a shot at the Pinata... funny story behind this one!
Okay... couldn't resist telling this story about the Pinata!  This picture is completely misleading!  Campbell laughingly took the first whack at O-Prime and then calmly walked away... not a care in the world.  This was true, or at least until his friend took a second whack at O-Prime and Campbell had a conniption fit!  He started screaming "Don't break my new toy!  Stop it!  Stop it!", and then began to cry.  Nate and I were taken back at his awkward behavior when we suddenly realized that we were horrible parents. Considering we didn't explain to Campbell in the least bit what a pinatas main function in life was, he had no idea why we were beating up on his new best friend.  We finally realized that Campbell had never seen a pinata, or even been to a party where a pinata was present.  -(Again, we were horrible parents!  Our little precious was highly confused.)  He literally thought we were all evil... and couldn't grasp the idea of his sweet friends and cousins beating on his new special toy that he and momma picked out at Walmart just a few days before.  We began trying to explain what was happening, when suddenly one of his older cousins busted O-Prime pinata and candy flung to the floor like no bodies business.  Just when it seemed that all hope had been lost in trying to make Campbell understand, we found that the candy was the answer to our prayers.  Needless to say, he quickly mourned the loss of his new friend and happily celebrated his short lived life with mounds and mounds of pure bliss... his favorite candies!  Other than this little incident, we had a wonderful time.  It was a great day!

~Love The Smiths      

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's in a name...

A few days ago was an emotional day for the Smith family.  Early morning of February the 2nd, I was having some problems that aren't normal or consistent with five months of pregnancy.  I called the doctor, upon which she demanded that I come in immediately for an exam and possibly a sonogram.  I called Nate, and being the amazing husband he is along with our amazing God who has provided him a job that can be flexible in emergencies, he rushed home to take me to the doctor.  As we drove to the doctor, we thought of all the possibilities that worried parents would concern themselves with in this type of situation.  After praying together, Nate and I both had a revelation.  You see we are naming our child Cameron.  This name may not mean anything to most, but to The Smiths this name stands for a time when things seemed overwhelmingly hard, and through the innocence of a little boy named Nathan Smith who use to pray every night, "Lord thank you for this wonderful day, and don't let the devil have any friends!", they were reminded daily to remain steadfast in the Lord.  Cameron was the town that the Smith family lived in when Nate and his sisters witnessed their parents be strong for their children and remain faithful to the Lord through the worst circumstances.  We were reminded of our precious little one and the name we had chosen for him/her as we drove to the doctor, and we began to feel relieved.  God was already at work in us through our child.  As it turns out, my exam went great!  The doctor wanted to make 100% sure everything was okay, so she scheduled a sonogram immediately following the exam.  The thought of finding out the sex of our child was the furthest thing from our mind, seeing as how we were only concerned for the health and safety of our little precious.  During the sonogram, Nate and I closely watched every move and every measurement the doctor made.  Each measurement and test was absolutely perfect.  PRAISE OUR MIGHTY GOD!  Nearing the end of the sonogram, the doctor looked at us with a smile as he asked if we would like to know the sex of little precious.  Nate and I were shocked... we were suppose to find out the sex of the child on the 12th of this month.  We, of course exclaimed, "YES!!!"  Turns out that little precious is going to be BABY GIRL SMITH!!!  I broke down in tears from the emotional exhaustion, relief, thankfulness, and "still" pains that I was having in my belly.  A strange whirlwind of emotions that day held, but -God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.  His good work!  (2nd Corinthians 9:8)  Seeing as how we are having a baby girl, her middle name will be Marie.  Marie has a powerful meaning as well.  Marie was the middle name of my dear aunt that passed away this June.  Maggie-Marie was a warrior in the Lord who battled cancer for over ten years.  She never strayed from remaining faithful in the Lord, and was a constant encouragement to others through all of her pain.  She was the type of woman, who would have a chemo session and in the same day would listen to her girl friend cry on her shoulder over a problem with all sincerity.  She gave all of herself to making others feel special and important.  She never put herself first.  She spoke truth over all who knew her.  She was a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, and had faith that could move mountains.  One day, as she went into a seminar for cancer patients, she sat with her husband and doctor along with the newly discovered tumor in her throat, she prayed allowed that God would heal her of that tumor and that His will would be satisfied in her that day.  She walked out of that seminar only to be examined and healed of the massive tumor in her neck!  She was one of my greatest inspirations!  Aunt Bubble gum!  She never came over without my favorite bubblishous gum.  That was consistent with her character.  She was always thinking of others.  I am now Aunt Bubble gum to my nieces and nephews, and it is my honor and joy to carry on this legacy.  She was a wonderful wife, mom, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.  She was and is victorious.  I would love for my little girl to model the characteristics found within these two names.  Lord let it be!   We are so thankful for our new baby girl Cameron Marie Smith!  
The Smith Family 

Monday, February 2, 2009


Secrets.......  -(after a very long day!!!)  :)