Thursday, March 26, 2009


Nate, as I am sitting here trying to conjure up the perfect words to express my thankfulness for the amazing Godly man that you are, I can't quite seem to put into words how blessed I am to have you as my husband and the father of our children. I am so incredibly grateful for the way you lead our home. You have been a man after God's own heart since I have known you, and that has never ceased to change or waiver. You are quick to admit your need for our Jesus and you have always done your best to seek His will for our family. I am so thankful for the way you provide for our family, not only financially, but spiritually as well. I love your heart. I love that God has fashioned in you the heart of a servant. It has been an honor to serve with you in our life and ministries together. I love the way you love me and I love the way you love our children. You are the greatest encourager and partner that I could of ever hoped for, and though I am far from the wife of noble character in Proverbs 31, you continue to love me and serve me daily. I love you so much and I can't imagine this life without you. You are my best friend, the one person in this world who I can spend countless hours with and never tire of one moment spent with you. As I contemplate this day, I thank Jesus for another year with you and look forward to many many more years to come. Happy Birthday Baby!
~Love Care~

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Perfect Day

If I haven't mentioned in previous posts, I have the perfect husband and the perfect little boy!  On Tuesday morning I woke up to the wonderful smell of eggs, bacon, and hot pancakes with warm syrup.  Yum...and did I mention that my amazing husband surprised me with taking the entire day off?!  Seriously...Campbell and I were so happy!  We decided to go to the Tyler Zoo since Campbell was off for spring break, and we ended up having the best time.  Campbell didn't even have to have a stroller!  What a breakthrough moment in Campbell history!  He walked all day, and not one complaint.  We were so proud!  I even got to read about each animal and their habitat, which was also a first considering that in the recent past Campbell would of been alligator food if we detoured our attention from him for even half a second!  Campbell has recently turned a corner that his father and I are enjoying.  I love hanging out with my best friend and the coolest little boy in the whole world.  Below is a recap of our perfect day.  

Campbell and I are making our best tiger impressions, but from the looks of the tiger in the back ground...I think he thought our attempts were pretty lame.  
Campbell got to feed the birds!  It was a neat experience... until an ornery little bird pooped on his head!  It was really, as Campbell would say, DISGUSTING!!!
This was Campbell's favorite part of our zoo trip!  He loved the reptile and amphibian exhibit.  His favorite, of course, was the rattle snake display.  We were quite the opposite.  As soon as we entered, I couldn't wait to leave.  Seriously, something about that exhibit made my skin crawl. 
Making our best fish faces for daddy!  -(Note to self... when pregnant and swollen, don't make a fish face!  YIKES!!!)
Daddy and Campbell at the crocodile exhibit.  This was my favorite part of our zoo trip!  It was so much fun watching Nate and Campbell growl and roar together.  I basically just love watching my boys be boys.  
Hanging out with the giraffes.  -(Campbell thought they were too funny.)  
Petting the goats, or in Campbell's case, smothering this one particular poor little goat.  Bless his sweet heart.  I am quite sure that the goats were use to this type of treatment though.
After the zoo, we decided to go to Cheddar's where this pregnant momma enjoyed the best Monte Cristo Sandwich she has ever had!  Daddy of course had buffalo wing wraps and Campbell with his usual, enjoyed chicken and friendship fries.  -(Campbell has always called french fries, friendship fries.  Too cute!)  This perfect day ended up coming to the perfect end with three concrete custards from Andy's!  YUM...every pregnant ladies dream.  We could not of had a better day!  Thank you daddy for the greatest surprise ever!  We love you so much and are so incredibly thankful for the way you love your family.  You are the best daddy and husband ever! 

~Love Care and Campbell~     

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Six months-

Giving little sister a hug. He is going to be the best big brother in the world!

Six months pregnant, but I mean really... who is counting?!

I love my baby boys' sweet heart. He melts my heart when he stares at me with those big baby blues filled with so much hope and wonder. He is so proud of his little sister and his momma. He really will be the best big brother imaginable. I am so proud of my kiddo's! I could not ask God for a greater gift than the family He has so graciously given me.

~Love Cara~

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mother Moments

Today as we were getting ready for school, I suddenly began to realize what a big boy you have become. I can't believe that you are 4! As we were eating cereal together I just watched you in complete amazement. When did you start to get you own cup from the cabinets? When did you start to get your own water from the refrigerator? When did you start bringing your dishes to the sink all by yourself? When exactly was it that you began to carry on such grown up conversations? I don't exactly know. I know that you have been doing these things for a while now, but I guess these moments just never cease to amaze me. It seems like yesterday we were in the delivery room and I held you in my arms for the first time in complete awe and wonder. I can't believe that four years has passed us by so quickly. As I was thinking about all of the progress and changes that you have made in the past few months, I remembered we had to hurry and get ready for school, or we were seriously going to be late. As I looked at the clock and yelled, "Campbell it's time to get dressed! Where are you?" I looked up only to find that my little boy had completely dressed himself from head to toe! What a big boy you have become. I am so proud of you Campbell. Though you may be growing and maturing faster than ever.... I want you to know that you will always be my baby and I will forever be your mommy. These are a few moments I have enjoyed with you these past few months. I hope one day you will look back on these moments and cherish them as much as I have.

Campbell Vance Smith 4 years old, and quite the stud if I do say so myself.

Reading the nose book with my favorite little boy in the whole world!

Enjoying the nose book with my favorite little boy.

Your first Tea-Party. You weren't really enthralled about the whole Tea-Party idea, but you still had fun. You always do. You seem to find the good in most everything. I love this quality about your sweet little spirit.

Having Tea and scrumptious treats with your friends at school. From Your right to left: Briley, Carston, and Kasie.

We seem to have the whole not talking with your mouth full rule down, maybe we need to work on not smiling with your mouth full now. Such a sweet smile though.

Finishing the relay race at your school's Valentines Day Party. You did so good! You didn't drop the sweet tart from your spoon except for once! At the end of the race you were suppose to drop the sweet tart in a bucket, but not you. You have never been a wasteful kid either. Instead of dropping the sweet tart in the bucket, you decided to pop it in your mouth! Umm...Yumm? You are such a hoot! You have a presence about you that always brings a smile to the face of others.

The final result of the ring toss. You have always been somewhat reasonable and extremely creative. I mean, if you can't make the rings land on the octopus from several feet away, then scoot up... right?! I love your competitive side! I never quite know what tricks you are going to have up your sleeve to win.

You have always been willing to try almost anything, even if you don't quite agree with the rules of, let's say... a particular ring toss game. -(You were the only one who came close to actually scoring the rings around the octopus from this distance by the way.)

Though you weren't really into decorating the cup cake, you sure did love to eat the result! You have always been the happiest kid. You always find a reason to smile or to make someone else smile. You have always been bursting with joy.

Finally, you are making a rose for mommy in this picture. What a perfect way to end this entry. Something that is so special to me! You love to give mommy flowers. In fact, when you and daddy go to the store, you always tell daddy, "We need to get flowers for momma! She is so beautiful! She needs them for her. She will be happy!" This melts my heart every time you walk through the door with flowers in hand and your daddy tells me the story of how the flowers came about. This particular flower that you have made in the picture below sits on my nightstand and will for many more years to come. Thank you for the beautiful rose son. It's perfect and I love it!

You are the most cherished and treasured gift in your fathers and my life Campbell Vance. We love you very much. I look forward to many more mother moments that the years will have to offer us baby boy. Remembering that you will always be my baby and I will forever be your mother,

~Love Momma~

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Interview With A Campbell?

Today I decided to play a fun little game with Campbell. It's one of the many perks of being a SAHM, and I must say that I was astonished and all together amazed at the results I came up with. Here is "Interview With A Campbell"-

1.)Mom- what is your favorite thing about mommy? Campbell- umm...hmm...that I just love you.
Mom- what is your favorite thing about daddy? Campbell- Yeah...that he loves momma.

2.)Mom- what is something funny that momma does? Campbell- laugh with me.
Mom- what is something funny that daddy does? Campbell- says silly things at me.

3.)Mom- how tall do you think mommy is? Campbell- 10 feet.
Mom- how tall do you think daddy is? Campbell- 4 feet...yeah.

4.)Mom- how old do you think mommy is? Campbell- 20.
Mom- how old do you think daddy is? Campbell- 26.

5.)Mom- what is mommy's job? Campbell- umm...the computer.
Mom- what is daddy's job? Campbell- umm...working. Mom- from where? Campbell- the

6.)Mom- what makes mommy happy? Campbell- umm...when she is in a picture.
Mom- what makes daddy happy? Campbell-

7.)Mom- what makes mommy sad? Campbell- when your feelings are hurt.
Mom- what makes daddy sad? Campbell- umm...well...crying. Mom- why? Campbell- he
hurt his umbow. Mom- you mean elbow? Campbell- yeah.

8.)Mom- when is mommy grumpy? Campbell- when daddy spanks you.
Mom- when is daddy grumpy? Campbell- when he makes a sad face.

9.)Mom- what does mommy do that is good? Campbell- plays toys.
Mom- what does daddy do that is good? Campbell- plays transformers.

10.)Mom- when is your favorite time with mommy? Campbell- at parties.
Mom- when is your favorite time with daddy? umm...bowling...that's my favorite time with

11.)Mom- how much does mommy weigh? Campbell- well...hmm...I wonder. The number 6?
Mom- how much does daddy weigh? Campbell- umm...3 hours.

12.)Mom- what does Campbell want to be when he grows up? Campbell- a policeman...with tall
buildings and fire!!!

13.)Mom- how old is Campbell? Campbell- 4.

14.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite thing to do? Campbell- color.

15.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite movie? Campbell- Pinocchio!!!

16.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite cartoon? Campbell- Transformers!!!

17.)Mom- who is Campbell's best friend? Campbell- Carter...yup...that's him.

18.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite letter? Campbell- B.

19.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite number? Campbell- 20.

20.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite thing to do outside? Campbell- on my

21.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite thing to do inside? Campbell- maybe...uhhh...
Transformers robots in disc-eyes...eyes...eyes!!!

22.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite game? Campbell- the Jeep Game. Mom- on Wii?
Campbell- of course.

23.)Mom- how tall is Campbell? Campbell- 62...Mom- 62 feet or inches? Campbell- inches.

24.)Mom- what makes Campbell happy? Campbell- toys!!!

25.)Mom- what makes Campbell sad? Campbell- mad....Mom- why? Campbell- well because.

26.)Mom- what makes Campbell angry? Campbell- spankin with the wooden spoon.

27.)Mom- how much does Campbell weigh? Campbell- 28 pounds.

28.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite color? Campbell- green...umm...and blue.

29.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite sport? Campbell-'s a great idea!

30.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite food? Campbell- Macaroni and Cheese!!!

31.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite animal? Campbell- zebras...that's my favorite
because he's a good boy.

32.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite book? Campbell- BIG BAD BUNNY!!

33.)Mom- what color is Campbell's hair? Campbell-!

34.)Mom- what color are Campbell's eyes? Campbell- green, or blue...yeah, blue, blue!!!

35.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite day of the week? Campbell- Thursday at school.

36.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite shape? Campbell- triangle.

37.)Mom- where is Campbell's favorite place to go? Campbell- to look at the animals. Mom-
so the zoo? Campbell- yeah! the zoo with the train!

38.)Mom- what is Campbell's favorite treat? Campbell- umm...a sucker!

39.)Mom- who is the prettiest girl in the whole world? Campbell- Cameron!

40.)Mom- who is Cameron? Campbell- the baby girl. Mom- what else? Campbell- she's my

I love getting to know my baby boy a little bit more each day! He is so precious to his father and I!
We hope you all enjoyed getting a glimpse into our wonderful world of Campbell.

~Love The Smiths~

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Belly Bangs!

Today as I was checking my e-mail, Cameron started to squirm quite vigorously. In fact, she almost knocked my laptop off of my lap, so I decided that I would take a little time and completely stop everything that I was doing and enjoy her little dance. I already love the way she makes me giggle. I have found that she is quite the character and already such a diva. She is not afraid to let me know what foods she likes and what foods she doesn't like. Her little kicks, pokes, and squirms aren't quite what you would consider to be modest either. She is quite a strong little one, and I will definitely say that she shares this characteristic with her big brother. I would be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy having her all to myself for the moment. Tomorrow begins my 6th month of pregnancy and I of course am experiencing a variety of emotions concerning my growing belly among other things. All I will say regarding this matter is, praise the Lord for my friend Amanda who was recently pregnant with her daughter Annabeth. I remember a post that she posted not long ago that was simple and short, yet highly insightful. I believe the phrase she used was, "Never look back at it!" -(regarding other expanding body extremities that seem to rear their ugly head during pregnancy.) This statement always makes me laugh and somehow can always bring a smile to my face even in the moodiest moments. All this to say, I always end up cherishing my pregnancy at the end of the day and this moment is usually accompanied by something decadent and sweet. I can't think of a better way to end my day than to be sharing a sweet treat with the sweetest little girl in the whole world... my sweet Cameron girl.
~Love Momma

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Big 4

We had such a great time we just couldn't resist sharing more pictures from Campbell's big 4 birthday bash!

Campbell in his new wagon- (This could be trouble!)

Campbell opening a few presents from family... we asked friends not to bring presents this year seeing as how their friendship was more than enough, and also because mom and dad are overwhelmed with all of the toys that have taken over their house recently!

Retrieving the candies!

Eating delicious cupcakes with Liam.

Waiting for the go-ahead from dad to blow out his candle.

A few friends at the party... we really didn't do a great job of picturing everyone... oops!!

Campbell and his bestfriend at school, Liam. Everyone knows that you have to hug before starting a game of hockey... right?

What's a party without Tonka Trucks and sand?

Just thought we would share a few more pictures of Campbell's big day... especially since this will be his last birthday party without a little sister who has to tag along! Blessings dear friends.
~Love The Smiths