Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let The Good Times Roll!!!

Recently Nate and I have moved into our first house.  We feel extremely blessed and fortunate  to have family that loves to share in  momentous occasions such as these.   Campbell's Powpow, Gogo, Uncle Nick, Aunt Jamie, and Cousin Elaine came for a visit, and we had the greatest time.  We would like to say thank you for visiting our new house and thank you for good times and wonderful memories!!!  Just a few pictures and an inside look at what a wonderful family we are blessed to have.

Below Campbell swings with Powpow on his new playground.
Below Campbell shows Powpow how he slides down his slide!!!
Below Uncle Nick is being silly as Campbell shows him how he can swing by himself!
Below Cousin Elaine gives Campbell a smile that will not soon be forgotten.  She has a way of doing that!
We love to share these precious moments from our family to yours.  We hope you enjoy a glimpse into the moments that make our world go round!!! 
~The Smith Family

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let the Festivities Begin!!!

Last Friday was the big Thanksgiving Feast/Program at Campbell's pre-school.  He never ceases to amaze us.  He sang great and introduced us to many of his new friends.  Below are just a few of the wonderful moments we were delighted to be able to share with our precious son.

At the table eating a wonderful dinner.
Daddy and Campbell pretend to be little Indians.
"Tina... eat your ham!"  -Campbell loves his food!!!
Campbell shows daddy his turkey hand with pride.
Campbell in his Indian costume after singing.  (Too cute!!!)
From Our Family to Yours with Blessings and Prayers.   We wish everyone a Happy Fall and delightfully say, "Let the Festivities Begin!!!"
~The Smith Family

Saturday, November 1, 2008

More Happening Halloween!!!
Below Campbell is showing off his O-Prime muscles to some of the neighborhood ladies.
Below, Campbell is getting ready to walk up to the house of Heather and Brian Cromer... we let him keep their candy!  :)
Heather is handing out candy to the neighborhood kiddos!
Below, Daddy is walking his strapping Transformer to another house.
Again... Happy Halloween!!! ~The Smith Crew

A Happening Halloween!!!

Every Halloween Nate, Campbell, and I carve pumpkins, make yummy treats, and go to The Fall Festival at First Irving.  This Halloween was not that much different, with the exception of missing out on the Fall Festival at our former church.  We decided, instead, to trick-or-treat for the first time ever!  (Now... I have a cool little trick that my dear mom taught me, and I would love to share with you all.  No kid should have to miss out on the fun of getting to knock on neighbors doors yelling trick-or-treat, or in Campbell's case, trick-and-treating!!!... but if you are a protective mommy like myself, you probably aren't comfortable with letting your kiddo devour candy from complete utter strangers.  That is where my little bag of tricks comes into play.)  Last night Campbell had a blast ringing door bells, growling at other children, and yelling the famous catch phrase of course... Trick-or-Treat!  When our journey was complete, I told Campbell that he could eat some candy after he had a bath.  He ran to the bath tub with no arguments... upon which I handed Nate Campbell's treat sack so that he could dispose of our new stash properly.  Nate quickly dumped all the candy we had accumulated in the trash where he then filled Campbell's treat sack with our own candy that we had purchased from the store.  After Campbell was done with his bath, he enjoyed a few pieces of candy-(that he thought was the result of his brilliant tactics to bribe strangers), brushed his teeth, and went off to bed.  Our story concludes with breakfast the next morning.  As I was pouring milk in Campbell's cereal, he began to explain to me that it was time to get dressed as Optimus Prime and start all over!!!  Fun times! 
Waiting for the door to be answered above, and below we are flexing our awesome O-Prime muscles!
Below, Campbell is getting ready for his Halloween Costume Party at school!
Below, Campbell is proud of his Captain Jenkins pumpkin carving.  (Captain Jenkins is my parents cat that Campbell is best good friends with!)
Below, Campbell is gutting the pumpkin.  At one point, he put the guts in his mouth and gagged horribly... it was quite a sight for sure!  Our dog loved the guts though, and didn't gag... (I know what you are all thinking... where were you?  I was taking pictures laughing and smiling the whole time!)    :)
Happy Halloween!!!!  ~The Smith Crew