Thursday, January 29, 2009

Full Circle!

Four and three years ago, Nate and I lived in Sulphur Springs, Texas.  One day we were driving home from eating at Chili's when I noticed that a new baseball sign had gone up in front of a business and many houses.  The sign read Braydon.  My heart broke, for I knew that the sign meant another child was facing the horrible battle against cancer.  In Sulphur Springs, our community supports children with cancer by putting out signs with their names on them to raise awareness and benefit for the victims and their families.  Braydon would of been about 2 or 3 when Nate and I began to pray for a healing over, who was then, this precious child that we didn't even know.  Through the years, we moved back to Irving and then recently we have moved back to Sulphur Springs again.  We have even more recently joined a church.  Every Sunday at church Nate and I would smile at this precious little boy who would usually walk by us holding his daddy's hand.  Nate and I had no idea who this little boy was, but we both agreed that he was special and seemed to have this glorious presence about him.  Every time we saw him he would just flash us the cutest smile.  I was trying to explain to Nate one day that this child was truly special, and the only way I could put into words what I felt when we exchanged smiles was that it just seemed like the hands of God had touched this sweet boy.  During our recent move to Sulphur Springs, we have become extremely involved in our new church, working with the youth, bible studies, music, and fellowship.  One evening while I was in bible study, I felt the urge to stand and ask the 50 beautiful women in my study to pray for a friend of ours who has been diagnosed with cancer.  Upon pleading for prayer, a woman, Victoria Smith wrote me with her encouraging story that brought me to my knees as tears flowed down my face.  Victoria wrote me an e-mail about her story and her sons battle with cancer for three years.  She exclaimed that her now completely normal and healthy 6 year old little boy, Braydon Smith was doing wonderful, and had been healed of his cancer.  Not only was I encouraged and touched by her story, but I was completely taken by my Saviors perfect love for His people.  You see, Victoria is the mother of the little boy that Nate and I smile at every Sunday as he walks by holding his daddy's hand.  I had no idea that the little boy that Nate and I knew was so very special, was the child we have been praying for for the past three years.  Our God is so amazing in the way that He brings things full circle.  He never ceases to amaze us.  It is as if He wants us to know that He always hears our prayers and He is always waiting for us to come to Him, and He truly is beloved.   -(In the corner of my page you will see a link that states prayer and praise for Braydon Smith.  This is a link to his story, his battle, and then Christ's victory in Him!  Praise God!  What an awesome mighty God we serve that He cares so intimately for His children!) 
Love~The Smith Family 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let's Play Catch Up

Let's Play Catch Up!

What a whirlwind of holiday events that seemed to have passed by us so quickly!  We were so blessed to be able to spend this wonderful holiday season in the company of great friends and amazing family.  This year was especially exciting!  We continued our Smith family traditions of fun train exhibits, rides, school parties, and baking Jesus' birthday cake -(just to name a few.)  Of course Santa was pretty good to Mr. Campbell this year too!!!  :)  Below are just a few pictures of the moments that our family delights in sharing with you all.  -(Not pictured is the amazing time we had at Papa and Lovee's house on Christmas Eve... silly me forgot to take pictures, but Nate was not innocent in the situation either.  He wore the camera around his neck all night.  Oops!) 

Smiling with Gogo on her vacation visit to our house!
Giving Jerry Bear a check up with our new doctor gift... turns out Campbell says he is going to be alright.  He just needs a sucker! -(At my parents house) 
My precious baby niece laughing at her silly Aunt Boo!  She is so beautiful in her little Christmas decor!

Campbell shoots hoops with daddy!
Daddy shows Campbell how to shoot hoops.
Unwrapping The Incredible "Honk" boxing hands from Powpow!!!  So much fun!
Waiting our turn to open all of our wonderful gifts from Powpow and Gogo!
Campbell's new favorite gift from Uncle Nick and Aunt Jamie!  Hoop it up!

Campbell on Christmas morning!  Thomas, Super Car, Bumblebee, and The Incredible "Honk" were all brought by Santa! -(Our house)
Playing on Christmas morning!
Opening presents from mommy and daddy on Christmas Eve.
Too many presents!

Enjoying the train light show. -( The train ride)
Looking out at all the beautiful lights.
Entering Santa's workshop... screaming Super car all the way!
In the caboose getting ready for the big train ride and light show.  So exciting!

Campbell and Carston playing duck-duck-goose!  -(Campbell's Pre-school party)
Campbell helps Carston open his present!
Playing the Rudolph Relay game... wonder how he got the nose to stick?
Dipping his nose in whip-cream to get the nose to stick in the above picture.  So cute!

In front of the train exhibit waiting to see Santa! -(The train Exhibit)

Inside the train exhibit and looking at all the cars with their cargo.

Telling Santa he wants a Super car, Incredible "Honk", Transformers, and Thomas!

We had the best Christmas and most wonderful Holiday Season we could of hoped for.  We hope that your holidays were bright and merry and we wish everyone a blessed New 2009 Year!!!  

The Smith Family